Stearns County 2040
Comprehensive Plan

Stearns County’s Comprehensive Plan provides the County with a broad vision of its future, extending through the year 2040. This vision is discussed throughout this plan by using five Pillars (Living, Agriculture, Nature, Business, and Connectivity). Based on these Pillars, the plan establishes a framework for land use changes, public investments, infrastructure improvements, and intergovernmental cooperation.

The plan was developed with substantial participation from County residents, local government officials, state agencies, Township officials, and a broad range of other stakeholders.

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Stearns County has completed updating Land Use and Zoning Ordinance 439

Stearns County has completed a nearly year-long process of updating Land Use and Zoning Ordinance 439.   Amendments are a result…

Ordinance Review Committee April 26

The Ordinance Review Committee met on Monday, April 26th at 3:30pm to discuss docks in RV parks and Recreational Vehicles….

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What is a future land use plan?

The future land use plan gives people a visual representation of what the county is expected to look like in the future. The text, maps and images contained throughout this Plan identify a framework for the future of land in Stearns County. This section helps guide future land use patterns and the development form in the County for the next 20 years. In doing so, it establishes how areas where people live, shop and work are anticipated to look and function in the future.

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