County Services and Resources

Critical to the success of providing County services in Stearns County is the balancing of rural and urban service accessibility. This includes the convenient location of important County services and the expansion of services as needed. Currently the majority of citizens feel County facilities and services adequately meet their needs. The continued success of these services will rely on careful analysis and attention to citizen needs and desires that may warrant expansion of County services.

The planning for County services falls outside of this Comprehensive Plan’s purview. However, the Comprehensive Plan’s Pillars can be a source of guidance and direction when developing department plans. The Pillars are committed to advancing equitable opportunities for all. It is important to note that a focus on equity does not mean providing equal access to the same amount of resources. Equity is focused on making sure everyone has the resources they need to lead a healthy, productive life.


  1. Coordinate provision of services with other agencies, jurisdictions and private sector service providers to maximize efficiency.
  2. Recognize and consider existing or planned County facilities during the subdivision review process to assess the ability to provide services to new development.
  3. Plan for the future maintenance and/ or expansion of County facilities and services by monitoring growth trends and demographic and socioeconomic indicators.
  4. Ensure reasonable access to County services and facilities, including access for transit-dependent populations.
Stearns County Services:
Stearns County provides a wealth of services and resources for its population, while planning for a diverse set of needs. County services and programs are housed under 17 different departments that employ over 900 people. The largest department includes Human Services, which provide some of the most important services to area residents, which include public health initiatives, community corrections, family and children services, and community support services.

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