Aggregate Resources

Local sources of aggregate are of prime importance to development activities, from building houses to maintaining the transportation system. Aggregate resources need to be protected so that development does not infringe upon them and prevent extraction. Aggregate extraction also creates significant nuisances and puts at risk other natural systems, if not appropriately managed.


  1. Locate high quality aggregate resources to guide protection and utilization activities.
  2. Manage aggregate resources to provide for the extraction of high quality aggregate prior to non-agricultural development on the site.
  3. Adopt regulations to minimize nuisances from aggregate extraction that affect developed areas and that ensure restoration of extraction sites to protect other natural resources and natural functions.
High Quality Aggregate Resources:
Large portions of aggregate resources can be found throughout the County. High quality aggregate areas may consist of sand and gravel and crushed stone. Most of the highest quality aggregate in these areas are used for construction purposes, such as the manufacturing of concrete or asphalt. Aggregates of lower quality are used for fill, base-course for roads, and for a variety of other purposes.

Aggregate resources in the region, particularly in the Twins Cities is rapidly diminishing. Stearns County recognizes these trends and the growing demand for mining operations in the area. There is a desire to preserve these resources for local economic development initiatives and public works projects. Accessing these resources locally can reduce the costs for local construction projects, compared to shipping resources from outside of the region.

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