Five Pillars Survey Results

Over the last two months we have been asking residents to comment on the draft vision statements for Stearns County’s future, also known as the Pillar Statements. Our survey has officially wrapped, generating a total of 153 responses from individuals across Stearns County.

The Comprehensive Plan will provide guidance and direction on how to achieve these aspirations over time. Implementation measures that have been shared and discussed with the Steering Committee are documented in past meeting materials/minutes.

Regarding the results of the survey, we are thrilled to share that many people agree the Pillar Statements capture our aspirations for the year 2040. Here is a breakdown of the results:

Survey Results

Achieving these aspirations will take time, patience, and a commitment by many. As the New Year approaches, our commitment starts by shaping resolutions (implementation measures) for the Comprehensive Plan.

Use the comment box below to let us know what type of resolutions Stearns County should set for the year 2040 to help achieve the Comprehensive Plan’s Pillar Statements.